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chelsea’s rustic & vintage texas wedding

Venue: Blue Sky Land & Cattle Co, Winona TX Catering: Adalante Catering, Tyler TX Vintage Rentals: Pursuing Eden, Longview TX Photographers: Feather & Twine Photography , Austin TX Flowers: The Flower Girl, Tyler TX Videographers: Keith Charles & Morgan Bolom, St. Thomas USVI Dress: Wtoo – Watters from Happily Ever After Bridal Boutique, Shreveport LA Farm Tables: Handmade by us



We are officially Mr. & Mrs. Tuohy as of April 18, 2015. Wow what a whirlwind of fun and excitement (and a little bit of stress) the journey to marriage has been. We left Puerto Rico on April 11 to head to Texas for the last week of prep and planning, then departed for Bali on April 20 to spend an entire month in bliss, followed by returning to Florida on May 18 to gather our senses for our post-wedding party that following Saturday, and have now gracefully landed back in Puerto Rico to face reality. I am excited to share our wedding photos from our super talented and fun photographers, Feather & Twine, and I am anxiously awaiting them to arrive in my inbox! So here is a teaser that they shared with me (which became one of Top 10 Wedding Instagrams !!). Guys, I am so stoked for these pictures. Seriously stoked. Our wedding day was everything I had ever imagined it would be. But the week certainly did not start out …


new year

This year has started out in full sprint. The holidays blew past me like a whirlwind, with all my time spent wedding planning, diy-ing, constructing, cleaning, organizing and finding times to visit and enjoy family.  I got back to the island just a few days ago, and then started the usual list making of everything I need to do with my research before April. Time flies. My planner is filling. Sometimes I write things down just so I can immediately check them off. Instant gratification. In just a little under 4 months, Evan and I will be flying back to Texas for our wedding. Two days later, we take off to spend a month long honeymoon in Bali. We. Cannot. Wait. We’ve done minimal planning for the trip, so far only booking our first six nights on the island. The rest we feel we can handle once we’re there. We like the carefree travel style, although I can’t say that I have really traveled much that way in the past. I like a plan. Did …


engagement photos: isla y mar

Session Dos: engagement photos with D.S. Photography. Just because I think we’re cute! Thanks to Duane for the use of his colorful boat and Renee for letting us borrow her paddleboard. Cheers to love! Evan and I will very soon (Sunday) be leaving for a scientific conference in Barbados. Get ready for lots of Instagram pics of this gorgeous new-to-me island, and some blog posts thereafter! Check Facebook and follow the trip virtually!


cameron & natalie

So you may have read that I recently spent some time in Texas. My little brother got married, and I was thrilled to have had the chance to make it home for this occasion. It was a beautiful little backyard wedding, were the couple was surrounded by friends and family. The night was special, and I captured a few shots to memorialize it. So allow me to be honest. I never thought my little brother would get married before me. I have been in a couple long term relationships, dated here and there, while he didn’t really date at all, except his now wife. In fact, she and I both recall when I told her that I knew he would end up marrying his first girlfriend. I’m thankful it happened. And I don’t care about our order 🙂 But the funny thing is this. He proposed to her on June 22. About 6 months later, Evan proposes to me. They get married on October 11. Six months later, we will get married. Totally didn’t plan …


photography: bali experience

Evan and I decided not to hire a photographer in Florida to snap some photos on the beach at our wedding after party – because we have several friends who will be there with great cameras and great talent. We instead will take that idea to Bali and let a pro detail our honeymoon experience for a day. I started browsing some options online and came across the talented trio behind Gusde Photography. Their photos come to life with that dreamy feel that I just love soo much. And we both just want to capture every little bit of this experience in as much color, detail and vibrancy as we can muster. Since neither of us are pros behind the camera, we wanted to step back and put it in someone else’s hands – just for a day. We’re also going to try to find someone to dive with us in Bali and shoot photos underwater too. We still, to this day, have no underwater photos of us diving. None. And talk about color in …


our save the date

The date has been saved. I used Minted to create our postcards and was extremely satisfied with the products and service. Not only did I have to purchase a set of Save the Dates, but also custom order a separate invite for our friends and family invited to Florida. I had to request specific design alternations to a current product (since this event will actually be at a totally separate place and time than the wedding), and the Minted staff performed exceptionally well. Fast production, fast shipping and superior quality. I had a hard time deciding which company to use between Minted and Wedding Paper Divas. I searched save the dates at both sites, and even placed an order with WPD which I had to later cancel because I messed up our Florida invites. So I switched gears and went back to the more expensive Minted site and found something else I liked better. With the discount coupons they offer frequently, I spent about the same amount of money I would have at WPD. In …


wedding plans: an update

Oh, the planning. The rentals, the dress, the hair and makeup, the details. So much time goes into planning down to almost every moment of my special day. I think the real mystery is how to stay sane during the process. Want to know my secret? Start planning early. Have backups. Nothing is perfect, and not everything will turn out like you want it to. Enlist the help of someone you love (thanks mom!). Go with the flow. I was at home for two weeks back in June. Since living here, but getting married in Texas, I have minimal time spent in my wedding location to actually plan. In fact, most of my planning has been done over the phone or internet, and placing my trust in my mom to figure out the details. So far, things have been on track. But while I was home, I made the most of my time.  We visited four different dress shops, I found THE ONE and got it altered in two days. Done. We talked to two …


diy: a unique beachcomber bridesmaid proposal

I have three best friends. Three ladies who have accompanied me through different stages of life. Three women I can count on through the thick and the thin, no matter where we are in the world. I love these ladies like sisters. When I got engaged in December, I knew immediately who I would ask to stand by my side up there with Evan. But I wanted to get creative with the asking, rather than just a phone call (which was truly the most realistic option considering each of them is located 1000s of miles from me). I wanted to send them a gift that represented me so that it would not only create a memory, but be completely original and unique. I found these seashell coin purses and pretty much knew instantly that this was my foundation for my unique bridesmaid proposal. I kept the rest simple – I typed up a little message, with the date of the wedding, and closed everything inside the shell. I found cute boxes from Marshalls, bundled everything …