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cultivating solitude: finding a spiritual moment in bali

I prepared for the journey to Bali like most others: I scoured the internet for off-the-beaten-path trips and cannot-be-missed sites, I poured over a guide book, dogearing what I thought Evan and I would both enjoy, I screenshot-ed Instagram photos from popular Bali travel accounts. But there was really only one thing I was truly looking for…the authentic Bali. Evan and I were warned of the crowds, we were prepared for that. So we made the effort to scout out accommodations that were more secluded, and avoided cities and towns like Kuta and Seminyak where we already knew we would be bombarded by drunken parties and expensive night clubs. Definitely not our scene. Our guide book tried desperately to show us the real Bali. But cliffside bars overlooking crowded surf spots was not our idea of “real”. Luckily, we had a great host at our place for the first three nights, who recommended several tours that gave us a true taste of rural, cultural Bali. One of those places was Jatiluwih rice terrace, a world …


bali honeymoon homestays & guesthouses

As the day draws even closer, we are growing increasingly excited about our wedding and honeymoon! The final plans are coming together, we’re booking our stay over in Bali, and tying up all the loose ends for the final preparation of the big day. Soon Evan and I will be waving farewell to Puerto Rico as we head out to Texas! I can’t believe we are finally making this a reality. It seems like the last two months have just flown past us and now we are packing and making lists, and crossing off tasks, and eagerly busying ourselves over the next few days to finish up all the work here before departing. How time flies? If I count the days before my wedding, Evan and I have been together for about 1795 days (that’s just shy of 5 years!). Hard to believe that five years has almost passed and I’ve spent those years head over heels for this person. I think you know it’s true love when you just sit silently next to each …


yoga & surf eco resort in rincon, puerto rico

If you are looking for a spot to relax in Rincon then I have the perfect place for you. This is the Samatahiti Eco Resort retreat center, nestled in the quiet tree top neighborhood of the Puntas section of town. The owner, Renee, is a master yoga instructor and offers everything from relaxing day trips to secluded parts of the island, to adrenaline pounding surf sessions, paddleboard tours, aerial yoga and more. Basically, if it’s something outdoors and that can make you sweat, you’re bound to encounter that activity here. The resort features four canvas bell tents (“glamping!!”) each featuring it’s own color coordinated theme with real beds and solar lighting. There are bathrooms with open air showers and pebbled floors. Hot water is provided from solar tanks, and all the lighting throughout the resort is solar as well. You’ll be surrounded by the jungle and various fruit trees, and fall softly to sleep with the sound of the native tree frog, the coqui. Samatahiti features retreats all throughout the year. If you’re in Rincon …


travel: new hampshire

That’s right, I went up north. Believe it or not, I ventured out to New England yet again. This is now only the second time I’ve ever been past Virginia on the East Coast. And it was beautiful! With Sophie in tote, we flew up to Lake Winnipesaukee for Evan’s cousin’s wedding. It was a gorgeous event, right on the water, with such emotional ties to the location for both the bride and groom – I loved it. We arrived a couple days early, so we spent some time exploring the area, which was just starting to turn into Autumn. The little town of Wolfeboro was quaint and pet friendly; we found a craft beer store (had to bring some brews back, naturally), a little hippie store where I found this, and a couple cute coffee shops where I discovered this new-to-me book. We walked around an antique car and boat show, hiked for a couple hours, and spent time with his family. The couple were blessed with a perfect weather weekend for their wedding, …


travel: mona island

A few weeks ago, I was blessed with an opportunity that not many folks are granted. I traveled 30 miles off the coast of Puerto Rico to dive and survey the waters of the beautiful and remote Mona Island. This summer, I’ve been contracted by the Biogeography sector of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to survey fish abundance and species richness around Puerto Rico. I’ve been diving around my town of Rincon, in the south of La Parguera, and then off the mainland and off the grid out at Mona. I took a few photos from the boat and the island. There is a ranger station on the island, that houses members of our Department of Natural Resources, who are responsible for maintaining and enforcing the laws of “no take” in the waters and from the land. So we camped here for our three days of diving. Evan and I strung up a couple hammocks and slept out in the calming gentle breeze of the night, with a sky full of stars. The …

places: new mexico

I’ve spent a little bit of time in the desert. From traversing the flat plains of West Texas, to exploring the states of New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. The desert has a much different allure to me than the ocean. I’m fascinated by nature in this place. I’m intrigued by how things grow and thrive. Not just the plants, but the people too. Driving along the interstate, looking out over the vast plains, occasional mountain, and open range with the single home plucked right in the middle. Is this a destitute place? Surely not. Surely the ground teems with hardy plants and animals just like any other place. And in fact, it does. You don’t need to look that close to discover this. Perhaps it’s the scientist in me that wants to compare everything to the ocean – but again perhaps that is just how I make sense of it all. The cacti resemble corals. It’s the perfect contradiction. New Mexico was a place of wonder and mystery for us. One of our only …

places: the intrepid old city

[Photos by Chelsea Harms] I love the old city of San Juan. So much history and culture bottled up into a tiny section of the metropolis.  All kinds of stories materialize as you tour this grand intrepid place – ghost stories, religious stories, miraculous things, ancient things, wonderful things.  I like flying over San Juan – the view of the old fort and the harbors is just breathtaking. Truly a beautiful site as you approach this island that the Spanish once claimed as their own. But walking the roads of ballast stone is another story.  I believe that every time I visit this city, I discover a new street I’ve never traversed, or a new story about this and that. A 2-hour drive from my side of the island, but worth it most of the time. Especially if my trip includes showing folks around the old city. I just love the vibe and its a grand escape from the more rural area that I occupy. Artistic, cultural, inviting and alluring. If you come visit Puerto …

places: tulum, mexico

I want to go to there. Tulum, Mexico is close to the top of my list of places to travel. I found some beautiful photos from Anahata Katkin’s recent trip (all the beautiful blue water photos above) and then also some from The Selby’s new restaurant and experience (the food photos, naturally). I’ve been in love with Mexican culture which I attribute to my upbringing in Texas – surrounded by Mexican influences, particularly in food, language and colors. Although I never lived close to the border (far from it, actually), Mexico has always had some kind of spell-binding grasp on me.  You can check out my list of places I’d like to visit – a new list I created recently from scouting Pinterest (oh…. boy Pinterest you got the wanderlust!).  To see more photos from Anahata’s trip, check out her blog. For more from The Selby, go here. Vintage Tulum postcard from here. Be inspired!

places: a day in India

You are all aware that this is one of my favorite destinations. Please enjoy this video highlighting some of the foods of India. Right at the beginning, you’ll see my absolute favorite: masala dosa – the crepe like dish, with a spread of potato mash inside. Food perfection. Don’t forget to enter the Blowfish Shoes giveaway!!!