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exploring west-central puerto rico

Evan and I celebrated 4 months of marriage on August 18. Starting then, we decided we would take that day off each month until our one year anniversary and use that time to explore a part of Puerto Rico that we had yet to visit. So mid week, we brushed off our hiking shoes, packed a daypack and began our journey to the western-central part of the island. We were headed to the mountains! Well, to a lake in the mountains. Lago Dos Bocas was the destination, and the drive there was quite a sight as well. Twists and turns through the mountains, down into the valleys, along the edges of hills overlooking the lush farms and jungles of Lares and Utuado. Through a bamboo covered road, and out over a dam holding back this man-made lake surrounded by steep sided mountains. We arrived in early afternoon, just as everyone at the Department of Transportation-run office of this park was leaving for lunch. Naturally. So we explored a bit on the roads nearby, returning at …

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chelsea’s rustic & vintage texas wedding

Venue: Blue Sky Land & Cattle Co, Winona TX Catering: Adalante Catering, Tyler TX Vintage Rentals: Pursuing Eden, Longview TX Photographers: Feather & Twine Photography , Austin TX Flowers: The Flower Girl, Tyler TX Videographers: Keith Charles & Morgan Bolom, St. Thomas USVI Dress: Wtoo – Watters from Happily Ever After Bridal Boutique, Shreveport LA Farm Tables: Handmade by us


mermaids & paddling: finding time for you

How blessed can one be to have such amazing people in their life? Is not the most important – and forever lasting – thing in this earthly time truly relationships? I believe so. Friends do come and go, but I believe that you meet certain people in life at exactly the right time. There are no coincidences. Some of you may know that I recently became a brand ambassador for the boutique paddleboard company, Suplove. Their fast growing reach first started Down Under, but was then moved to California where they currently reside. I cannot say enough good things about this board, and I will share that with you another time. Today, I just want to share about the importance of finding time to unwind (which relates to paddleboarding for me). That may seem  ironic coming from the girl who lives on a tropical island, but let’s not forget that this very same girl is also a graduate student (can I get an Amen?). But for real, when was the last time you took a …


engagement photos: isla y mar

Session Dos: engagement photos with D.S. Photography. Just because I think we’re cute! Thanks to Duane for the use of his colorful boat and Renee for letting us borrow her paddleboard. Cheers to love! Evan and I will very soon (Sunday) be leaving for a scientific conference in Barbados. Get ready for lots of Instagram pics of this gorgeous new-to-me island, and some blog posts thereafter! Check Facebook and follow the trip virtually!


cameron & natalie

So you may have read that I recently spent some time in Texas. My little brother got married, and I was thrilled to have had the chance to make it home for this occasion. It was a beautiful little backyard wedding, were the couple was surrounded by friends and family. The night was special, and I captured a few shots to memorialize it. So allow me to be honest. I never thought my little brother would get married before me. I have been in a couple long term relationships, dated here and there, while he didn’t really date at all, except his now wife. In fact, she and I both recall when I told her that I knew he would end up marrying his first girlfriend. I’m thankful it happened. And I don’t care about our order 🙂 But the funny thing is this. He proposed to her on June 22. About 6 months later, Evan proposes to me. They get married on October 11. Six months later, we will get married. Totally didn’t plan …


inspired by rachel carson

Rachel Carson was an inspiration to science and an incredibly influential woman, way before her time in writing, biology and protection for our planet. She pledged her life to environmental conservation, which sparked a movement that led to the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). As a woman in science – a marine biologist living and working in a man’s career – she inspires me like no other scientist. Rachel Carson was a fisheries biologist for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife, but was perhaps most well known for her incredible nature writings. She authored several books including the infamous Silent Spring , which alerted the American public to the dangers of pesticides and fertilizers leeching into our ground waters, poisoning our fields, animals, and ourselves. Her book was met with opposition from chemical manufacturers, and many fought to hush her attempt at public awareness of these environmental issues. Luckily for us, someone was listening, which is why DDT has now been banned, amongst several other chemical pesticides that were once deemed suitable for human …


roam: pacific northwest

Some of my favorites from roaming the Pacific Northwest – in particular, the Redwood Forest and the Pacific coastline in California. Evan and I have such an itch to get back here again. I loved California and Oregon. I’ve since visited both states again, post-roadtrip 2012, but not in the same fashion as this trip. Roaming through the great outdoors is my favorite way to experience a new place. Evan and I both agree that we could happily live in the PNW… if only the water were warmer. I suppose there’s a tradeoff everywhere, but that one is almost a total deal breaker for us. My favorite part of the Pacific coastline was the succulents. The colors were so vibrant. I loved how their seemingly feeble bodies clung to the edge of the cliff sides, taking a beating from the salt air, but still continuing to thrive. Such life! I collected so many sand dollars from these gray and black shores. This is also where we joined a couple close friends and their son for …


photography: bali experience

Evan and I decided not to hire a photographer in Florida to snap some photos on the beach at our wedding after party – because we have several friends who will be there with great cameras and great talent. We instead will take that idea to Bali and let a pro detail our honeymoon experience for a day. I started browsing some options online and came across the talented trio behind Gusde Photography. Their photos come to life with that dreamy feel that I just love soo much. And we both just want to capture every little bit of this experience in as much color, detail and vibrancy as we can muster. Since neither of us are pros behind the camera, we wanted to step back and put it in someone else’s hands – just for a day. We’re also going to try to find someone to dive with us in Bali and shoot photos underwater too. We still, to this day, have no underwater photos of us diving. None. And talk about color in …


roam: puerto rico

I love living here. This island has an abundance of natural beauty, and in some cases it seems so untouched by human hands. I feel like I have walked back in time to moments before humans populated the earth, in the stillness of the world around me I can almost feel in complete solitude in with nature. I know it is unlikely that I will be here forever, so I take all the opportunities to explore and capture the beauty with my camera. So today, I just wanted to share some of my favorite shots from different places around the island. Cabo Rojo Lighthouse: the view of the ocean from these cliffs is breathtaking. This is the point in Puerto Rico where the Caribbean Sea (to the south) meets the Atlantic Ocean (to the north). You can typically find iguanas sunbathing on the rocks of the cliffs. Cueva Ventana: “Window Cave” is by far my favorite place on the island. We take all of guests here, this is my favorite view. A hike through a …


surf session photoshoot

A friend of mine needed a small favor last week. She is being featured in a newer yoga/lifestyle magazine that required some photos for the article. We were at yoga, and she told me the story. I offered to help. I know she wouldn’t want me to share any headshots because she hates having her picture taken, so instead I at least just wanted to show you the beauty of the island and how I love the colors of her leggings and surfboard against the stark contrast of the rocks and sky. Her mantra pretty well seems up life: “If I’m salty, I’m happy. If I’m happy, I’m grateful” And being grateful means you’ve found that bliss. I’m no professional – not even an amateur – but I like how these turned out. And I’ll get a paddleboarding cruise up north to her favorite hidden spot (caves!) out of it, so not a bad afternoon spent shooting and editing!