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chelsea’s rustic & vintage texas wedding

Venue: Blue Sky Land & Cattle Co, Winona TX Catering: Adalante Catering, Tyler TX Vintage Rentals: Pursuing Eden, Longview TX Photographers: Feather & Twine Photography , Austin TX Flowers: The Flower Girl, Tyler TX Videographers: Keith Charles & Morgan Bolom, St. Thomas USVI Dress: Wtoo – Watters from Happily Ever After Bridal Boutique, Shreveport LA Farm Tables: Handmade by us



We are officially Mr. & Mrs. Tuohy as of April 18, 2015. Wow what a whirlwind of fun and excitement (and a little bit of stress) the journey to marriage has been. We left Puerto Rico on April 11 to head to Texas for the last week of prep and planning, then departed for Bali on April 20 to spend an entire month in bliss, followed by returning to Florida on May 18 to gather our senses for our post-wedding party that following Saturday, and have now gracefully landed back in Puerto Rico to face reality. I am excited to share our wedding photos from our super talented and fun photographers, Feather & Twine, and I am anxiously awaiting them to arrive in my inbox! So here is a teaser that they shared with me (which became one of Top 10 Wedding Instagrams !!). Guys, I am so stoked for these pictures. Seriously stoked. Our wedding day was everything I had ever imagined it would be. But the week certainly did not start out …


a fresh face + a new trail

I’m sure you have now noticed that we made the jump to WordPress! The transition was long overdue but not quite yet finished. Although Blogger provided me the basis to get a foothold, WordPress allows me space to grow and flourish. You’ll notice several new things about this look: 1 | Featured Posts.  posts can be featured at the very top, usually some of the most popular posts. our new blog contributor, Lou, will feature her favorites up there too. It’s the best place to find what this blog is all about. Perfect start for new readers! 2 | Highlight Recent Posts. the most recent posts will be featured right underneath. So you won’t have to worry about missing anything, all the newest posts are right there! 3 | View by Category. I’ve found that many people don’t just scroll through a blog to see what’s up once they arrive, but enjoy peeking around by theme and category. So I’ve made that easier for you! As you scroll down, you’ll notice that the most recent …


new year

This year has started out in full sprint. The holidays blew past me like a whirlwind, with all my time spent wedding planning, diy-ing, constructing, cleaning, organizing and finding times to visit and enjoy family.  I got back to the island just a few days ago, and then started the usual list making of everything I need to do with my research before April. Time flies. My planner is filling. Sometimes I write things down just so I can immediately check them off. Instant gratification. In just a little under 4 months, Evan and I will be flying back to Texas for our wedding. Two days later, we take off to spend a month long honeymoon in Bali. We. Cannot. Wait. We’ve done minimal planning for the trip, so far only booking our first six nights on the island. The rest we feel we can handle once we’re there. We like the carefree travel style, although I can’t say that I have really traveled much that way in the past. I like a plan. Did …


why choose to live on an island

When I chose the path to marine science, I had no idea I would end up where I am now. In the middle of the Caribbean. On an island. Far from home. If I could revisit my senior year of high school self and say “guess what, after college you’re going to spend 5 years in Puerto Rico”, I would laugh. Puerto Rico? I don’t even know where that is (lies, I’d like to think I knew about US territories when I was in high school…). You know my story: Texan girl goes off to summer camp in Galveston, falls in love with the sea, graduates high school and moves to Florida, gets two degrees, and then here is where I pick up. In Puerto Rico. I had no idea what to expect when moving to the island. I knew it would be something like the States, since it is governed by the US. I knew the school system would be bilingual, and I knew there were waves [for surfers] in the town we settled …


true tale: the most terrifying dive

I’m going to tell you a story, about a very recent encounter I had with a group of manatees. Oh, how cute, you may think. Well.. not so fast. First, this story is in no way shared to scare you or persuade you to never go in the water, or try scuba diving, or to strike fear into the heart of your soul for all charismatic marine mammals. No, this is just a story I’d like to share because it’s interesting and because you probably have never heard anything else like it before (unless you know someone who works or swims with dolphins for a living). Friends and family who caught this on Facebook, you know where the story goes… everyone else, get ready. Evan and I are both marine scientists. We live and work in Puerto Rico where we are studying to complete our doctoral degree. We are fish biologists, but have an appreciation and understanding of all marine life and the marine ecosystem. Occasionally, we encounter dolphins, whales and manatees while diving or …


life lately: in instagrams

Life has been a whirl wind of wedding planning, trip to Texas, yoga classes, and research. I’ve had some great opportunities to get more involved with my community, and I’m loving every minute of it.I introduced a new yoga class to Rincon two weeks ago – a scripture based free yoga class at our local church. The response has been so tremendously inspiring to me; it just totally reinforces why I decided to journey deeper into yoga in the first place. I have so many exciting ideas for workshops and special classes; I’ve been jotting down all my creative little plans into a notebook and referring back often to see what things have transpired or what I still need to do to bring others to fruition.  A local teacher and myself have even discussed plans of joining forces with the other studios in town to bring about Rincon’s first yoga fest. Oh, I love this yoga high! And research. With so much else going on, I’ve been struggling to juggle blogging, my professional career, my …


all about this journey

Well hello again! I’m back from an amazing journey and an exceptionally long hiatus from the blog. There have been a lot of changes recently – lots of research conducted, wedding plans blooming, yoga learning, more research conducted and the list just goes on. I appreciate your patience and I do hope you enjoy reading a little about life lately… As I posted about a month back, I attended a two week intensive power yoga teacher training program. This was something I had been considering for a bit, and the opportunity to pursue this course landed at my feet at the right time and place. So I joined three other strong, dedicated women and we took an unforgettable journey into life, ourselves and the philosophy of yoga. I emerged rejuvenated and ready to tackle the world with a new, positive outlook. The experience was wonderful and has changed the way I approach both obstacles and blessings. The days were 12-14 hours long. Sometimes, we would power through hour long yoga classes several times a day …


life changes and new directions

I’ve been practicing yoga for several years now. I began when I moved to Florida, and classes were offered for free to students at our gym. I was able to try out the art in form of exercise, but never gained anything from it spiritually. From there, I began practicing at home, and in smaller studios on the beach. I learned a small bit about meditation, and very little about the morals behind yoga. But I was able to strengthen my body and gain a wider range of poses. Now that I’m living in Puerto Rico, I’ve been practicing several times a week at a couple studios in Rincon. I’ve discovered a lot about myself over the years from this practice – my body can do so much more if I just let my mind relax and stop believing that I cannot. I’ve also discovered that I want to learn this practice beyond simply engaging in classes a couple times a week – I want to understand the rich history of yoga, its morals and …