Month: March 2016


more tips for island living

So the first post of this series was a pretty popular hit with local island readers. So I figured I would share some more hints and tips that I’ve discovered in the five years of residing in Puerto Rico. 1 | save the silica dry bags.¬†You know those little desiccant bags you get in some of your purses or with online orders? They say “choking hazard, throw away” – well don’t throw them away! You can actually use those suckers to keep out moisture and prevent mold in some of your hard-to-monitor places – like in your camera bag. We recently had to have our Canon sensor professionally cleaned because we started to notice some fungus through the viewfinder. Who would have thought that mold could grow there?? So now I’ve added some silica bags + bamboo activated charcoal to my camera bag to keep all of that from happening again. You can also try my homemade desiccant resource, the kitty litter dehumidifier which still works wonders in my cabinets and closets. 2 | keep …


How Yoga Saved My Life

When I first started practicing yoga it was purely for the physical benefits. I had just come off of a knee injury (a torn MCL due to the dangerous combination of high heels and my 21st birthday) and I was looking to get myself back into shape – I really missed surfing and riding a bicycle – and I was hoping to gain a little extra flexibility throughout my body as well. I was hesitant to begin because I had tried other yoga classes before. In high school I dabbled with the practice, but found most of the classes to be too slow or too boring or not challenging enough. I had kind of written yoga off completely – that is, until a girlfriend urged me to join her for a Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga class. And I can truly say that that one single class was life changing (thanks, Callie!). My first Baptiste Power Vinyasa class was nothing like what I expected. It was the most physically challenging yoga practice I had ever experienced. …