Month: January 2016


diy: blog tips + hacks

I have been working on this post for a little while, after a request from Cait who wanted to know a few little hints and tricks to spice up her own blog. So here are few simple and easy ways to hack the blog without forking over a pretty penny for designer assistance. 1 Adding an image to a post without having to download it first (careful, be sure the site is something you expect will never change, because technically this is a link. If you’re concerned at all, just download and insert instead) : <img src=”IMAGE URL” alt=”” width=”YOUR SIZE” height=”YOUR SIZE” /> . This will be added to the HTML section of your blog post. This is a great way to incorporate photos without having to download/upload them to your blogging server, which takes up space. The only downside is if that photo somehow disappears from its original source, it will no longer show up in your post either. 2 Keeping images from being “pinned” with Pinterest, add the code <class=”nopin”>  after your …


we have a gift, and it’s everywhere

There is nothing else in our galaxy like our earth. Nothing that sustains life like our planet. We are blessed. But we don’t all know it. How can you teach someone to love the earth? If you can teach them, will they care about what they do to it? Will they love it like they love a friend, a husband, a mother? Will they teach others to love it too? I was at home recently in Texas and as I rode with my family on the interstate, my father pointed out some adjacent land. He asked “see all of that land and how it’s cleared?” I noticed it looked freshly sculpted, like someone came through with a rolling pin and created a hilly landscape and removed all the trees. I asked what was going on and he said “they are extracting oil” and he commented on how nice the land will look after all the grass grows back. Those rolling hills will be so beautiful, he said. The land that was once covered with the …


when life gets prickly, starve it of water

Today we are going to talk about handling stress. Because stress is one of the leading killers in Americans, one of the leading reasons for heart problems, and we really can do something about it. Mostly this is a topic of retraining the brain. Creating a new web of thinking that involves rewiring what we see as priorities. When we live to work, we live to be stressed. Why not just work to live, and once work is finished for the day – stop working. Of course, it’s never that simple. But there are ways to reduce stress, one baby step at a time.When we retrain our brain to think of jobs, chores, activities as positive aspects of life then we are already beginning to reduce stress – because how can we be stressed when we are loving what we do? But that takes practice. It’s hard to jump into these routines with a huge smile and a dedication to tackle everything with joy. Right, who can do that every day? So here are my …