Month: October 2015


to soothe your mind: bali botanic

I was so excited to receive this essential oil from Lou’s company Bali Botanic. Not only is it just thrilling to see my friend embark on an exciting new journey as an entrepreneur, but to see the lengths and efforts that her and her partner Bar have undertaken to find the perfect ingredients has brought so much hope and confidence to me as a consumer. It’s so easy now for companies to just simply slap a sticker on their product marketing it as “organic” or “all natural”, because they know that not a soul will ever be able to trace it back to origin. Lately I’ve become very skeptical of some of my favorite companies which has prompted me to do more research before I continue to invest in them. With Bali Botanic, it will never be a  concern. I first met Lou and Bar on my honeymoon in Bali, however Lou and I had been internet buddies for some time – sharing stories and comments on sea, field & tribe – and now she’s …