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When the Energy Just Won’t Flow: 5 Ways to Get Yourself Out of a Rut

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMost of the time I feel fluid. Most days, that motivated, positive, creative energy inside of me flows naturally, with ease, like a river running towards the ocean. Then there are some days when it seems like that river gets dammed up, and the water runs dry, and I just can’t seem get inspired or productive or pumped up – I literally feel blocked. Some days are a struggle, but hey, that’s real life, and lucky for us through positive, mindful practices we can shake those humdrum moments and learn to tap into that motivated, positive, creative energy that lies deep within each and every one of us. Yes, each and every one of us. Whenever I’m feeling drab, unambitious, or like I’m stuck in a rut, I turn to these five practices to help get my gears going and to reconnect with my energy source. Try just one or maybe try all five. Let these be tools you can use whenever and wherever you feel yourself stuck or overwhelmed.

1 Get disconnected from your head and get your body moving. Close your computer (after you read this, of course). Turn off your phone. Stop analyzing, questioning, searching… stop thinking! Instead, get outdoors and get connected with your body – move, run, swim, surf, do yoga in the park. Whatever it is you enjoy doing, go do that. When we take our attention off of the “rut,” or the solution to the “rut,” and place it onto the pure pleasure that we receive from moving our bodies and connecting with nature, we notice our energy shift and flow naturally and effortlessly.

2 Talk it out. Confide in a friend you trust. True friends will really listen and will never judge. And from time to time, our cups tend to get completely full of doubts and fears and limiting beliefs, and it’s essential that we empty the cup before we can move onto our next project, venture, chapter, whatever. Verbally letting go of whatever it is that is bothering or hindering us can be a very powerful way of releasing and moving through blocks.

3 Shake things up and try something different: a new yoga studio, a different hairdo, a funky restaurant, or that painting workshop you’ve always wanted to do. Pick something that excites you and allow yourself to step a little bit outside of your comfort zone.

4 Meditate – sometimes it’s essential that we just stop and sit with whatever it is that we are feeling experiencing at that moment – frustration, anger, jealousy, sadness, boredom. Really allow yourself to feel the feeling, accept the feeling, acknowledge the feeling, then practice moving on. Give yourself at least 10 minutes. You can also find guided meditations online (I recommend Micaela “MetaMamma’s” Meditations on the Hang W/ App).

5 Get upside down. Seriously, inverting the body works wonders, and it literally changes your perspective on the world. Not only are inversions playful and fun, they also help to flush toxins from the body and the lungs and send fresh oxygen and blood to the brain increasing concentration, memory, mental functioning, and processing abilities. Heating inversions, like Headstand, Forearm Stand, and Handstand, tend to energize while cooling inversions, like Legs-Up-the-Wall and Shoulderstand tend to aid in relaxation. Downward Facing Dog, Dolphin, Standing Forward Folds and Backbends, like Camel, Bridge, Wheel or Fish could also play into your inversion practice (when your heart is above your head). Always check with your doctor/yoga teacher before beginning an inversion practice. If you are new, have an experienced yoga teacher guide you. Most importantly, be mindful of how your body is feeling.


I want to just close this with an excerpt from “Creative Awakening” by Sarah Varcas, a passage that I often read at the end of my yoga classes to serve as a reminder to myself, and my students, that the simple act of living is proof of that beautiful, powerful, creative energy that lies within us all. And at times the only option we have is to stop trying so damn hard. By letting go we allow that energy to flow.

“Simply allowing ourselves to embrace the beauty of the natural world, the soulful look in an animal’s eyes or the gentle rise and fall of our sleeping child’s chest – all of these things and many more connect us with the creative beauty of the universe which forever demonstrates its awesome wonder even if we remain oblivious, head down, rushing through another day.

“…In this sense creativity is not something we do but a way of being. In appreciating the many shades of green in the springtime trees, the symmetry of reflection in a shop window, the love that went into a garden we pass, we align ourselves with the power of beauty which awakens the creative spirit.

“Too often we are led to believe creativity requires talent, gifts and an end product whose worth is affirmed by others. In fact creativity is simply our body doing what it does to keep us alive and our heart reaching out to connect with the world around us.

“This heart response to moments of beauty is our spirit rising up to be one with them, to claim its place in the creative dance of the universe…

Wishing you all sunshine, saltwater, and good vibrations. Om shanti.

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