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Odina Surf – Chic & Sexy Eco-Friendly Swimwear


Odina, which means “divine creative inspiration” in the Hawaiian language, is company based out of Southern California focused on creating sustainable, highly-functional and fashionable swimwear made from recycled and reclaimed fabrics such as plastic and old fishing nets. Born in 2010, the creators of Odina were looking to fill void in the swimwear industry for active women that wanted quality, sustainability and fashionability (yes, I made that word up) in their suits.  Each suit is made using eco-friendly materials that compliment a woman’s figure, as well as her passions for an active, outdoors lifestyle. Odina is inspired by nature and sets the standard for eco-friendly swimwear by focusing on sustainability in every aspect of production: from the fabric, which is recycled nylon, to the tags, which are organic cotton, even down to the website which is hosted on a 100% wind-powered server! The primary goal of Odina is to inspire other companies to begin looking into how and where their products are being made and how this can positively or negatively impact the environment around us.

Aside from creating chic, eco-friendly swimwear, Odina is also committed to supporting different projects whose primary goals are ocean conservation, preservation, and female empowerment.  Odina is a proud supporter of the Reef Check Foundation, a California-based 501(c)3 non-profit organization that is dedicated to the conservation of the world’s reefs, as well as the Ocean Girl Project, sustainable surf camps in Hawaii where they introduce girls to surfing, exposing them to empowering ocean activities in order to broaden their life experiences with a positive, healthy, non-competitive environment that fosters overall confidence and self-esteem.

I first found Odina through Instagram. I actually won a bikini through an Instagram Giveaway and I was SO stoked on the quality and the comfort when I first put it on. I was also very pleased to see that the bikini didn’t show up packaged in a plastic bag. And aside from being super comfortable and good for our planet, my Odina bikini can stay on through ANYTHING, from taking a 10-foot, set wave on the head to jumping off of a 30-foot cliff into the ocean. It doesn’t even budge. Odina even admits to working with surfers, not models, to get honest feedback about the fit and function of each suit. According to their website, an “Odina girl lives her life to the fullest but respects the Earth and all its inhabitants… all while looking great while doing it!” Can I get an Amen?

To me, it’s so important to support companies that focus on sustainability because it creates a demand for more sustainable, Earth-friendly products. I think some people may get weary of buying a product made from reclaimed or recycled materials – thinking it may be uncomfortable or ugly or something, I don’t know – but Odina is a prime example of the high-function and high-fashion that comes from reusing materials that are just littering our planet. It’s a win-win-win for everyone: the business, the consumer, and most importantly, Mother Earth. When chatting with Aaron Taylor, Marketing Director at Odina, he mentioned that their vision as a company is to increase awareness of other sustainable, eco-friendly companies, creating a demand for even more beautiful products from recycled materials, and eventually creating jobs for people to help clean up our oceans and beaches. Now that sounds like a vision worth seeing.

To read more about Odina and to check out their line of eco-friendly swimwear head on over to their website at and be sure to follow them on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram!

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