Month: August 2015


Odina Surf – Chic & Sexy Eco-Friendly Swimwear

Odina, which means “divine creative inspiration” in the Hawaiian language, is company based out of Southern California focused on creating sustainable, highly-functional and fashionable swimwear made from recycled and reclaimed fabrics such as plastic and old fishing nets. Born in 2010, the creators of Odina were looking to fill void in the swimwear industry for active women that wanted quality, sustainability and fashionability (yes, I made that word up) in their suits.  Each suit is made using eco-friendly materials that compliment a woman’s figure, as well as her passions for an active, outdoors lifestyle. Odina is inspired by nature and sets the standard for eco-friendly swimwear by focusing on sustainability in every aspect of production: from the fabric, which is recycled nylon, to the tags, which are organic cotton, even down to the website which is hosted on a 100% wind-powered server! The primary goal of Odina is to inspire other companies to begin looking into how and where their products are being made and how this can positively or negatively impact the environment around …


Earth Friendly Companies and Why You Should Know Them

We are starting a new series on the blog where the three of us ladies will each be posting about the same topic. You guys all know the basic three themes to the blog — sea (for all things ocean related), field (for all things terrestrial) and tribe (for sharing life experiences with those around us). So naturally we have several other things we focus on that fall into these categories in some way, like sustainable living and health and wellness. One of my most important goals for the blog was to make it a place where you can come to learn something new. It essentially began as my photo journal for documenting new things I was trying, like learning to live a more simple life or learning how to live on an island (it’s not all rainbows and sunshine). Then the blog grew – it took on new authors to bring new perspective and ideas. So we’re joining together to bring you three different stories on the same issue. For the first go-around, we’ll …


the story of a rescue

A few years ago, Evan and I rescued this tiny baby bird from an almost certain death. It was a baby Pitirre, or Gray Kingbird – very common to Puerto Rico. We noticed him when walking down to the beach with Sophie and our friends from Florida. I spotted him on the sidewalk, where he apparently had jumped from his nest in the adjacent telephone pole. Since the nest was well out of reach, we gently placed him in the grass so he was at least out of the way of passing dogs, cats, cars and bikes. We also noticed that the two parent birds were perched on the wires above, seemingly trying to figure out what to do next.  Evan told me that the whole “don’t touch the bird or the mom will not return” was a myth, so we felt confident we did the right thing. Several hours later, after returning from San Juan airport and a tasty meal at MenTa Cuisine in Arecibo, we were finally home and able to relax. I …