Month: May 2015



We are officially Mr. & Mrs. Tuohy as of April 18, 2015. Wow what a whirlwind of fun and excitement (and a little bit of stress) the journey to marriage has been. We left Puerto Rico on April 11 to head to Texas for the last week of prep and planning, then departed for Bali on April 20 to spend an entire month in bliss, followed by returning to Florida on May 18 to gather our senses for our post-wedding party that following Saturday, and have now gracefully landed back in Puerto Rico to face reality. I am excited to share our wedding photos from our super talented and fun photographers, Feather & Twine, and I am anxiously awaiting them to arrive in my inbox! So here is a teaser that they shared with me (which became one of Top 10 Wedding Instagrams !!). Guys, I am so stoked for these pictures. Seriously stoked. Our wedding day was everything I had ever imagined it would be. But the week certainly did not start out …

car transport

how to ship your car to an island

This post comes over from my first blog, Roots Transplanted, where I chronicled my and Evan’s move to Puerto Rico. It was quite a popular post, and I’ve received many emails with questions about other aspects of life on the island as well. But alas, I have decided to try and consolidate my online presence, so I deleted old blogs and accounts I no longer use. However, this post was one of the few that made the journey over to sea, field & tribe. So if you’re considering moving to the Caribbean from the States, this will certainly apply to you. In fact, the key concepts of this post will really apply to anyone moving to an island! Best of luck! If you are moving to Puerto Rico and will be in need of transportation (and you will, don’t count on public transportation because its virtually nonexistent), then you have two options: 1. Buy a car or 2. Ship your car. There are benefits and disadvantages to each option. I’ll present both and let you …

tofu sandwich

culinary: grilled tofu banh mi

This is now one of our go-to meals for the week. I found this super simple version of the Vietnamese sandwich banh mi in the February 2015 issue of Real Simple (surprise, right?). I first tried a sandwich like this in the DFW airport while I was waiting for my flight back to Puerto Rico in December. I had never heard of it before, but I got a tofu version and it was delicious. I basically could not wait to get back to the airport to have another one. And then, alas, my issue of Real Simple arrives in my mailbox and sure enough, this delicious sandwich gawked at me from the page, just begging me to eat it. Gladly. So naturally Evan and I put our own little spin on the dish and here ya go! IngredientsFor your tofu marinade: combine 3 tablespoons of fresh lime juice, 3 tablespoons of soy sauce and 1 tablespoon of brown sugar to a 14oz package of tofu that has been drained, pressed, and sliced into 1/3 inch …