Month: February 2015


in love with Avasol

I have been wanting to highlight this brand for a while now, and I’m thankful I found the time over the weekend to take some photos and showcase their amazing all natural sunscreen. Have you guys heard of Avasol before? I was first introduced to them from Capt. Liz Clark’s instagram feed – a wonderfully adventurous woman with the ocean in the core of her being. If there was anyone I would take sunscreen advice from, it is this woman. So naturally, being an islander now, I am always looking for better sunscreen options being as it has become part of my [sometimes] daily beauty routine. I was impressed, and I’m sold. I will never purchase another face stick again from any other company. Avasol has me by the curly, salty ponytail. Besides offering two tinted face sticks (see last photo; “dark” is on your left, and the regular “tan” is on your right), they also have full body sunscreen too. That’s next on my list to try. But first, you are going to want …


DIY: surf fin art

Last weekend, I hosted an art workshop after my yoga class: Frill the Fin . Each person brought their surf fins, and then we used paint pens to doodle and decorate the fins to our tastes. This was such a fun way to add some color and vibrancy to a part of the board that gets overlooked. There are several companies who have realized this, and started producing gorgeous fins like Island Fin Design. However, if you’re not one to spend anywhere from $45 to $75 a fin, then try your hand at decorating your own! It was super easy and here’s what you need: * Posca Paint Pens (or Boardstix), or even Sharpie paint pens – I bought my Posca set from Amazon * sandpaper, I used 120 grit * rubbing alcohol and cotton balls * pencil or sharpie for tracing/sketching * clear coat spray paint Start by sanding the fin, both sides if you want to paint on both. Rough it up so that the paint has a surface to adhere to. Then, …