Month: September 2014


roam: pacific northwest

Some of my favorites from roaming the Pacific Northwest – in particular, the Redwood Forest and the Pacific coastline in California. Evan and I have such an itch to get back here again. I loved California and Oregon. I’ve since visited both states again, post-roadtrip 2012, but not in the same fashion as this trip. Roaming through the great outdoors is my favorite way to experience a new place. Evan and I both agree that we could happily live in the PNW… if only the water were warmer. I suppose there’s a tradeoff everywhere, but that one is almost a total deal breaker for us. My favorite part of the Pacific coastline was the succulents. The colors were so vibrant. I loved how their seemingly feeble bodies clung to the edge of the cliff sides, taking a beating from the salt air, but still continuing to thrive. Such life! I collected so many sand dollars from these gray and black shores. This is also where we joined a couple close friends and their son for …


meet n greet: homegrown collective

My favorite mail order box yet! When I first discovered the Homegrown Collective, I knew I had found the perfect solution to homesteading in Puerto Rico. Sometimes it can be quite difficult to find all natural products, and in many cases I didn’t even know what I could make at home to substitute. Until I met Mitchell Rose of the Homegrown Collective! Mitchell reached out to me to sample and review one of their GREEN boxes, so I gladly shared my experiences with the DIY laundry kit (here, here and here) and now I’m thrilled to have them back and sponsoring the Three Year Blogiversary Giveaway! The Homegrown Collective gives back and supports environmental awareness by providing their members with products that foster self-sufficiency, environmental stewardship and sustainability. Their goal was to make green living more accessible and more fun! How can you not want to try these guys?? Some examples of their past boxes include: Home Remedies & Cure Alls |  The Beauty of Coconuts | DIY Detox in a Box to name a …


photography: bali experience

Evan and I decided not to hire a photographer in Florida to snap some photos on the beach at our wedding after party – because we have several friends who will be there with great cameras and great talent. We instead will take that idea to Bali and let a pro detail our honeymoon experience for a day. I started browsing some options online and came across the talented trio behind Gusde Photography. Their photos come to life with that dreamy feel that I just love soo much. And we both just want to capture every little bit of this experience in as much color, detail and vibrancy as we can muster. Since neither of us are pros behind the camera, we wanted to step back and put it in someone else’s hands – just for a day. We’re also going to try to find someone to dive with us in Bali and shoot photos underwater too. We still, to this day, have no underwater photos of us diving. None. And talk about color in …


meet n greet: bright & illustrous + yellow bird, yellow beard

Today I want to highlight two special blogger friends of mine, who have been reading “sea, field & tribe” from the beginning, and supporting me all the way. I have to admit that I get a lot of inspiration from those around me online – in particular my fellow blog colleagues. We each share a little piece of ourselves here, not really knowing what to expect in return, and sometimes not even really knowing who might be reading and learning from us. I started this blog as a way to share my experiences in Puerto Rico with my family & friends back home (in 2011, it was called Roots, transplanted, which does still exist in cyberspace right now). I then decided to expand the blog because my interests developed; I found that I really enjoyed sharing my photography, my recipes, my adventures and my stories. And folks kept reading. Claire is one of those people. She always has such sweet comments to my posts, and is a woman of great talent in many ways. She’s …


menagerie: healthy breakfasts

Now eating healthy can be pretty too, thanks to the growing trend of fresh and wholesome foods & the need to get that metabolism up and running early in the morning. In ayurveda traditions, the morning is the time to replenish the body by detoxing all the negative energy (through yoga or another meditative form of exercise) and excrete all of yesterday’s leftover energy to get ready to fill the body with new and fresh goodness. We all already know that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why not make it something your body will thank you for?? Here are some of my favorite healthy breakfasts with fruits and protein, with some sneaky yummy treats that are wholesome too. Fresh Fruit Bowl | Muesli |  Coconut Chia Pudding via me | Coconut Black Rice Breakfast Pudding | Chia Pudding with Plums & Figs | Acai Bowl with Berries | Sourdough & Coconut Pancakes | Berry & Kale Superfood Breakfast Bowl


roam: puerto rico

I love living here. This island has an abundance of natural beauty, and in some cases it seems so untouched by human hands. I feel like I have walked back in time to moments before humans populated the earth, in the stillness of the world around me I can almost feel in complete solitude in with nature. I know it is unlikely that I will be here forever, so I take all the opportunities to explore and capture the beauty with my camera. So today, I just wanted to share some of my favorite shots from different places around the island. Cabo Rojo Lighthouse: the view of the ocean from these cliffs is breathtaking. This is the point in Puerto Rico where the Caribbean Sea (to the south) meets the Atlantic Ocean (to the north). You can typically find iguanas sunbathing on the rocks of the cliffs. Cueva Ventana: “Window Cave” is by far my favorite place on the island. We take all of guests here, this is my favorite view. A hike through a …


meet n greet: LilyEmme Jewelry & Hubalou

I’d like to introduce you again to two awesome companies I’ve shared on the blog in the past (here & here). These women are three of my awesome hosts for this month’s giveaway to celebrate THREE YEARS of blogging. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe that I’ve been online for three years (two as “sea, field & tribe” and one year before that as my personal Puerto Rico blog — in case you were confused).So as part of September, I’ll be showcasing some of these folks I hold dear to my heart, as their friendship and support has contributed greatly to the success of “sea, field & tribe”. Based in Washington state, over there in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, Valerie of LilyEmme Jewelry creates handmade pieces from recycled materials. LilyEmme is a constantly evolving business that values sustainability and supports environmentally friendly practices. I love to see her at work in her shop – she posts photos frequently on Facebook – because to see an artist at work is like watching a miracle unfold! …


menagerie: drinks & juices

I was perusing Pinterest for some delicious drinks and juice blends and I found all these great concoctions! I realize most of them are summery. Okay, yes I know that summer is practically over for most of you – but summer is all year round on Puerto Rico! And September is a month when tourists are lacking, restaurants and bars close down and the heat climbs like it’s simply an extension of hot-August. So we’re in need a few good refreshing beverages, and I’m sure you are too regardless of your season. So take out a pencil, jot down these names or visit the links to get the recipes, and start whippin up your own!   Matcha Mint Iced Tea | Pineapple Flurry with Coconut Chia Seed Pudding | Carrot Breakfast Juice | Carrot Orange Mango Smoothie | Lemongrass Coconut Mango Lassi | Pear Nectar Thyme Mimosa | Milk Boba Tea | Spicy Grapefruit Margarita


three year blogiversary giveaway

Thank you, thank you, thank you for three awesome years of your readership! It’s hard to believe I’ve been blogging for three solid years – where does the time go? I first started the blog back in 2011 under the name Roots, transplanted as a way to keep up with family and friends wanting to know all about life in Puerto Rico. I then expanded the blog to include my other hobbies and passions – sharing my experiences, diys, recipes, photography and snippets of life on the island. My hope is that you have found this inspirational and perhaps learned a little something too! So to celebrate this occasion, I’ve teamed up with some of my favorite bloggers and businesses to offer one lucky reader a pretty sweet giveaway package valued at $200!! The winner will be able to choose their $100 giftcard to any company they desire; and they also win a $50 store credit to the lovely LilyEmme Jewelry and a $50 e-giftcard to the adorable ballet flats boutique, Tieks (I’m wearing mine …


be beautiful: how to be happy

Let’s get philosophical today for the next installment in the Be Beautiful series. You may be wondering what profound thing I might have to say about the topic of happiness. Does it have to be profound? Does it have to be original to be worthy of reading? Does it have to be something new to be worth your time in understanding or absorbing? Perhaps I would just like to share what I have learned and maybe you can learn something from me. Perhaps we can learn something from each other. What does the cake have to do with it. Nothing to you, perhaps. To me, it’s happiness. I love to eat, I love to bake. I cultivate solitude in baking. I could have chosen a yogic photo too, as I find just as much solitude in my daily practice. But today, it’s cake. How does cake bring me happiness? How does anything bring me happiness? IT doesn’t. IT does not bring me anything. Those things are just things. Those activities are just such things. Happiness …