Month: July 2014


culinary: museli

Hello, breakfast! One of my favorites: cereal. I love cereals. They are my processed food weakness and I’ve been trying for months to wean myself off of them completely. But it hasn’t happened yet. However, I have upgraded my cereal to include a little dose of this healthy mix! Museli. Basically, granola that hasn’t been baked or coated with sugar. ¬† Tastiness level: awesome but could use that sugar. Health level: high, look at all that good stuff! Culinary skill level: easy peasy What You Need: 1.5 cups of steel cut oats (not quick cooking oats) 0.5 cup of unsalted sunflower seeds 0.5 cup of unsalted pepita pumpkin seeds 0.5 cup of dried, unsweetened coconut flakes 0.5 cup of flax seeds You can also add: raisins, nuts, cranberries, dried blueberries.. Just add everything together in a seal-able container¬† and shake to combine! Enjoy daily. Just add milk, and maybe a tiny bit of honey if you need the added sweet. You can also combine with yogurt. YUM


insta giveaway: sibella court’s gypsy

My first Instagram based giveaway! Yup, surprise! And I’m giving you the chance to win one of my favorite books. Home stylist Sibella Court has always (and forever) been an inspiration to me. Her books encourage my wanderlust, and feed my insatiable appetite for travel and home decor utilizing your own interesting pieces. It’s eclectic vibes, and easy to lose yourself in the thick, beautifully photographed pages of her newest book Gypsy. Gypsy is likely to be Sibella’s last book for a while. It debuted in the US back in April. Photographed by her talented brother, Chris Court, and portraying yet another adventure around the globe. Sibella curates a shop in Australia known as The Society Inc. Just simply follow me on Instagram (@chiquitachela) and then regram the photo from Instagram, and be sure to include the following tags: @chiquitachela #seafieldandtribe #gypsy . A winner will be chosen at random then announced on July 30! Contest Rules: Open to all USA residents (with a valid US postal address for me to ship it to you!) …


post sickness recovery of good bacteria

Evan came down with strep throat. He’s never had it before, so he didn’t know what the reaction was like….. nor did the doctor we visited at our local Rincon emergency room. I don’t want to start this post acting like I know more than a medical doctor because that is surely not the case – but when presented with all the signs and symptoms of strep throat, then treating the patient with an insanely strong form of antibiotics used to treat sexually transmitted diseases, Lyme disease and pneumonia – a red flag should go up. You are probably aware that our bodies harbor certain types of bacteria that coexist with our immune systems and keep us healthy. When you take antibiotics, many of those harmless and helpful bacteria die off as well which can actually leave your immune system out of whack for a few weeks post-sickness. So what’s the best way to recover those little bugs and protect our bodies after such [heavy] doses of meds? Probiotics! Feed that body with some good …


life lately: in instagrams

Life has been a whirl wind of wedding planning, trip to Texas, yoga classes, and research. I’ve had some great opportunities to get more involved with my community, and I’m loving every minute of it.I introduced a new yoga class to Rincon two weeks ago – a scripture based free yoga class at our local church. The response has been so tremendously inspiring to me; it just totally reinforces why I decided to journey deeper into yoga in the first place. I have so many exciting ideas for workshops and special classes; I’ve been jotting down all my creative little plans into a notebook and referring back often to see what things have transpired or what I still need to do to bring others to fruition.¬† A local teacher and myself have even discussed plans of joining forces with the other studios in town to bring about Rincon’s first yoga fest. Oh, I love this yoga high! And research. With so much else going on, I’ve been struggling to juggle blogging, my professional career, my …