Month: June 2014


hubalou bamboo head wrap

I don’t have enough space for all the good things I can say about Hubalou. Sustainable, beautiful, useful, made in the USA, giving back to local communities with their profits – hello! A product that I can feel good about using on my hair. Hubalou is a young company, just recently founded in 2012 by Sarah Masciana. She experimented with different materials, originally utilizing a cotton t-shirt to dry her hair to protect the natural curls. Then she stumbled upon the bamboo fiber and brought forth this luxurious bamboo head wrap. Perfect for all hair types! I was in the same position as this Austin, Texas based Hubalou founder… Prior to Hubalou, I used a bath towel Turbie Twist head wrap when I got out of the shower – I battle frizz and humidity problems here in Puerto Rico like no other. So I immediately apply jojoba oil or Moroccan oil to my hair to combat this, then wrap it up to keep the moisture inside to dry my hair while I pray for less …


all about this journey

Well hello again! I’m back from an amazing journey and an exceptionally long hiatus from the blog. There have been a lot of changes recently – lots of research conducted, wedding plans blooming, yoga learning, more research conducted and the list just goes on. I appreciate your patience and I do hope you enjoy reading a little about life lately… As I posted about a month back, I attended a two week intensive power yoga teacher training program. This was something I had been considering for a bit, and the opportunity to pursue this course landed at my feet at the right time and place. So I joined three other strong, dedicated women and we took an unforgettable journey into life, ourselves and the philosophy of yoga. I emerged rejuvenated and ready to tackle the world with a new, positive outlook. The experience was wonderful and has changed the way I approach both obstacles and blessings. The days were 12-14 hours long. Sometimes, we would power through hour long yoga classes several times a day …