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travel: dorado beach, puerto rico

Okay, so hello my dear friends. You may remember my recent post on Facebook that I will be vanishing from the blog world momentarily due to some commitments, research and upcoming yoga teacher training? This is still the case, but I wanted to break the silence and share a bit about my recent travel for all you wanderlusters.
I recently returned from a weekend at the Ritz-Carlton in Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico. Yes, that’s correct. The Ritz. THE Ritz-Carlton. I say it a lot because I can’t hardly believe it myself. I was contacted again by my favorite travel magazine, Afar, and asked to be a special correspondent to head up north on the island and stay at the luxurious Ritz to review the hotel for their online collection. YES, YES and YES! So two weekends back, Evan and I packed up and drove a couple hours north only to find ourselves stepping into a paradise we had no idea existed in Puerto Rico.
We love living on this island. We think its gorgeous, full of color and life, and rich in culture and history. But when we were welcomed with open arms (judgement free of our surfer looks and casual lifestyle) into a tropical oasis that apparently exists inside of an already beautifully tropical island…. we just didn’t know what to think! So we lived it up for three days, and here are some glorious photos to show for it!
Our room was oceanfront with a private plunge infinity pool. We had an outdoor shower inside the bathroom, which made a little grotto of luxury that I was so hesitant to leave. Pretty sure I took more baths and shower in those three days than I do in a week (not true, I shower daily..).  We gallivanted through the well manicured lawns and gardens, enjoying an ocean view from every angle of the resort. And the SPA. My goodness, the spa.
The spa was five acres. Five acres of pure relaxation, a haven to escape within your escape. And I was comped a massage, so naturally I chose the signature tree house massage for 60 minutes of bliss up amongst the trees. I could have just stayed there the whole day, drinking freshly brewed pomegranate tea, soaking up the filtered sunlight through a jungle courtyard in the jacuzzi, and cleansing the body in the sauna. Hello, good life.
But then it ended just as quickly as it came to be. We packed up and left the resort, entering back into our reality of graduate school and responsibilities. But hey, we have a weekend getaway of a lifetime to remember for a lifetime. At the perfect moment for Evan and I – as we soon celebrate four years together and continue to celebrate our not-so-recent-anymore engagement.
If you want to see specific details of my favorite parts of the experience, you can check out all my highlights about the Ritz-Carlton’s Dorado Beach Resort on my Afar wanderlist here.
Now, it’s back to yoga teacher training! See you on the other side!
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Chelsea is a marine scientist in Puerto Rico. Her interests include invasive species ecology, fish biology and ecology and marine protected area management. She is a co-founder of the only field course coordination company in Puerto Rico - Isla Mar Research Expeditions.

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