Month: May 2014


travel: dorado beach, puerto rico

Okay, so hello my dear friends. You may remember my recent post on Facebook that I will be vanishing from the blog world momentarily due to some commitments, research and upcoming yoga teacher training? This is still the case, but I wanted to break the silence and share a bit about my recent travel for all you wanderlusters. I recently returned from a weekend at the Ritz-Carlton in Dorado Beach, Puerto Rico. Yes, that’s correct. The Ritz. THE Ritz-Carlton. I say it a lot because I can’t hardly believe it myself. I was contacted again by my favorite travel magazine, Afar, and asked to be a special correspondent to head up north on the island and stay at the luxurious Ritz to review the hotel for their online collection. YES, YES and YES! So two weekends back, Evan and I packed up and drove a couple hours north only to find ourselves stepping into a paradise we had no idea existed in Puerto Rico. We love living on this island. We think its gorgeous, full …