Month: April 2014


diy: advanced compost bin

We were looking to construct a sturdy and long-lasting compost bin that would allow more air and circulation into our compost versus our short term black trash can with the holes drilled all around. It worked well for a while, but never received as much sunlight as it needed, because we were forced to keep the lid on top to discourage cats and stray animals from digging around inside. So, Evan and I constructed a brand new, durable compost bin with hinged lid and screened sides — perfect for creating the most rich and luscious brown earthy mix as possible! I drew up a design and we ventured out to the collect all the items. I had Evan demonstrate all these techniques and skills (lies, he really just built the whole thing) so that I could photograph the process and share it with you. There are a number of photos to illustrate the steps, so I’ve broken this into a series for you to easily follow. Let’s begin! First, you’ll need to purchase these items …

culinary: coconut chia pudding

Good morning and Happy Monday! I hope everyone’s weekends were relaxing and fun! Ours was pretty simple – just hung around the house enjoying the afternoon rains and cooking delicious little breakfast/brunch. Our slow season is quickly approaching here in Rincon, with many seasonal residents already packing up and flying out before Easter. That means less traffic in town, less people competing for waves, and more good food for me at the little co-op grocery in town. The other day I tried something I’ve been planning to do for a while. Yeah, I made chia pudding. It was simple, scrumptious and soon became a household favorite for a quick energizing sweet snack. Really, the recipe could not be any more simple. Just like last week’s mousse, here’s another one to add to your entourage of refrigerated goodness. You Will Need: 1/3 cup of whole chia seeds, dried 1.5 cups of coconut milk from the carton (or any other nut milk) 2 tbsp of agave a dash of vanilla extract Add all these ingredients into a …


diy: a unique beachcomber bridesmaid proposal

I have three best friends. Three ladies who have accompanied me through different stages of life. Three women I can count on through the thick and the thin, no matter where we are in the world. I love these ladies like sisters. When I got engaged in December, I knew immediately who I would ask to stand by my side up there with Evan. But I wanted to get creative with the asking, rather than just a phone call (which was truly the most realistic option considering each of them is located 1000s of miles from me). I wanted to send them a gift that represented me so that it would not only create a memory, but be completely original and unique. I found these seashell coin purses and pretty much knew instantly that this was my foundation for my unique bridesmaid proposal. I kept the rest simple – I typed up a little message, with the date of the wedding, and closed everything inside the shell. I found cute boxes from Marshalls, bundled everything …


culinary: coconut chocolate mousse

This recipe could not be any easier. It’s fast, simple, delicious, and I like to say “nutritious” because it’s dark chocolate and coconut milk. Right? Good fats? Anyone? Okay, well maybe I’m grasping for straws with that one, but you can’t deny yourself this treat. Want to know a secret? There are only two ingredients in this dessert. Yes, two. Just two. They are……. dark chocolate (6oz) that is at least 70% cacao and any type of milk – I chose coconut milk (not the kind from the can, but the kind you can find in the milk aisle).  Here’s what you do (and you don’t need a fancy double boiler,  just a saucepan and a slightly bigger bowl): First, get two bowls – one small and one medium. Place ice cubes in the medium bowl and set aside. Next, cut up the chocolate and place into a bowl that is slightly larger than the mouth of a saucepan. You’re only melting 6oz, so you don’t need a huge saucepan or bowl. Then, place a …


menagerie: island life lately

Shots from the island lately | ——- delicious farmer’s market finds of locally grown sprouts and lettuce + homemade veggie patty and rice pilaf with sprouted lentil hummus \\ view of the massive waves we had this past weekend; our favorite spot to overlook the marine reserve \\ coconut milk oatmeal for breakfast \\ a shady hiding spot on the beach \\ studying for yoga teacher training in the hammock \\ yard full of gorgeous tropical blooms \\ Evan’s signature mango habanero hot sauce ——-|