Month: August 2013

coming soon: cameron & natalie’s engagement session

I’m currently working on my brother’s engagement photos for his and Natalie’s “Save The Dates”. Natalie asked me to take a few photos of them, considering my brother hates having his picture taken, she thought maybe he would cooperate for me. Well, it took some motivation and two tries (= two separate occasions) to get him out there, but I captured some happy moments between them and I’m excited to share the photos with Natalie once I’m finished editing. Of course, I’ll share a few here for you too – I’m always looking for some constructive hints with photography! Stay tuned…

diy: make your own tea

Have you ever tried to make your own tea before? No? Well then I’m happy to share with you this lovely diy from Free People’s blog (Bldg 25) prepared by Julia. (Click the link for diy instructions).  You can order loose tea in larger quantities from many online suppliers, like Teavana. or Oregon’s own Mountain Rose Herbs. What are your favorites? And did you know that a tea bag can be used for more than one pot or cup of tea? That’s right – don’t toss that once-used bag right away – steep another brew before composting. What a neat way to be sustainable, right?

instamoments: bits n pieces of travel

I’m back on the island after a wonderful trip home for the past two weeks. I hope you enjoyed the guest posts and the giveaway while I was gone. Today, I’m back to work and getting life organized to start back at research and classes. It’s always bittersweet to return, but this time even more so since Evan is still off on his research cruise (sans communication since Aug 12 and until this coming Thursday) and I returned home to an empty house. I’ve been accustomed to A/C while in Texas, so when I walked in the door here in Puerto Rico, I was almost knocked over by the blast of humidity from inside my non air-conditioned house. Not to mention trying to fall asleep on damp sheets (again, a product of high humidity) which I’m never fond of, but at least more tolerable of when I live here uninterrupted. I’m trying to get back into the swing of life on the island – it’s always an adjustment but just slightly. As I started to …

hello pacific northwest

I’m in Portland until Friday, celebrating the union of one of my dearest friends and her soul mate! I’m excited to be back over in the Pacific Northwest for a couple days. I’m hoping that I will have a chance to enjoy a salmon sandwich and perhaps some Rogue beers – oh, and to visit the coolest import store ever (Cargo). We shall see! The wedding is in Corvallis, which I may have driven through last summer when Evan and I toured the west coast. Oregon is a beautiful state so I hope I can share some lovely snapshots from this little quick trip! Follow me on Instagram to see all the latest.

culinary: vegan chocolate brownie via claire

Good morning everyone! I’m currently away on a mini-vacation to Portland,Oregon to celebrate a good friend’s wedding! I hope to be enjoying some fresh salmon and some really good beers in the next three days. Today, I have a delicious guest post from a sweet woman across the seas! Enjoy ! Hello! I’m Claire from Bright and Illustrious. I am excited to be sharing my favourite vegan chocolate brownie recipe with you while Chelsea is away.  I love baking – I bake to relax, to de-stress and I love homemade goodies.  There is nothing better than baking a little treat, either for a loved one or for yourself, seeing it come together and enjoying it with a cup of tea afterwards.  Nothing beats homemade – don’t you agree? These are super yummy and so easy to make.  They have no eggs or butter and I always use real vanilla extract – the Nielsen Massey Vanilla extract is my personal favourite and is Kosher and Gluten-Free Certified as well as All-Natural and Allergen-Free.  One tablespoon of …

why I chose my career path

I actually get asked this question a lot. When folks find out I’m originally from the Lone Star state, the next thought is always “well, how did you end up in marine science?” Good question. And I do have an answer for that.  In middle school, I participated in a marine science camp down in Galveston at Texas A&M university. I spent a whole week there, learning about the ocean, dissecting sharks, transplanting marsh grass and practicing in field techniques. I was 13 yrs. old. When my parents drove that 11 hours down south from our land-locked country home in East Texas, I returned a changed woman with a dream and a new passion.  I’m not sure if my folks thought this was going to be just one of those “fads” like my desire to be a veterinarian (until I found out you had to put dogs to sleep), or a geologist because I loved collecting rocks, or an artist and illustrator. But perhaps they caught on later that this marine biology thing was going …

vegan + delicious: single serving cookie & whole wheat to boot

Hello new-to-me blog, Top with Cinnamon! Beautiful food photography and delicious recipes! This chick is WOW – 17 yr. old Izy from London – with a great eye for food and a great palette too [obviously]. Here’s one I want to try: the single lady, whole wheat vegan chocolate chip cookie! This recipe is perfect for that late night snack when you don’t feel like baking a huge portion, or just need the single serving kick.  I’ve bookmarked so many others already. Props to you, Izy! Your blog is awesome and now one of my new favorites!  Have a great week everyone! Did you happen to see if you are one of the four winners of the blogiversary giveaway!? Head over to the post now and check it out! Thanks to everyone who entered, all of you for supporting my blog and for my four wonderful giveaway hosts for donating their time and prizes to my amazing readers!  I’m still in Texas this week, enjoying some quality family time and wandering through the beautiful woods …

diy: natural home decor

I’m giving you some fodder for this weekend! Here are some beautiful natural home decor ideas that are simple and unique; bring a little bit of nature inside for any room or nook or cranny. Have a great weekend and don’t forget to enter the giveaway! Winner will be announced on Monday! Shells in Jars | Succulent Frame | Watercolor Rocks | Golden Branches | Wooden Mirror  Driftwood Incense Holder Say a little prayer for Evan – he leaves on Sunday for some technical diving research in Florida. I want to ask the Lord to keep him safe and protect him and all his dive partners as they explore a very deep region off the Dry Tortugas in the Keys. I’m nervous about it!

photography: my beach

Snapshots from my walk-to beach, Steps. A beautiful beach located on a marine reserve here in Rincon. A five minute walk from my house for some of the most beautiful reefs in the Caribbean, lots of fish and some great huge swells during surf season. Probably one of the prettiest beaches in Puerto Rico, and I’m blessed to have it in my front yard practically. Wanderlust!