Month: January 2013

DIY: upcycled embroidered cardigan

As promised, here is the first DIY of a several to share! I’ve been working all weekend to put together a few fun handicrafts for all to try. Today’s DIY involves the action of “upcycling”. A very simple change to an older piece of clothing can turn it into something brand new and fun! This eyelet cardigan is super cute and lightweight – I originally wore it with a dress for a special occasion back in high school. When I was at home this past Christmas, I discovered this piece hanging in my closet. Although I never planned to wear it again, I figured I would give it a little face lift and see if anyone else would be interested in the wardrobe addition [yes, that’s right… this piece is for sale in my shop]. So anyways, here are some of the basics: A few simple stitches with a couple lovely shades of mint and violet. A tribal touch with mint triangles and violet chevrons.A perfect spring time combination to this lovely paperbag style, lightweight …

free stuff: the naturalist font collection

I’ve curated a fun list of naturalist-inspired fonts just for you. I use all these fonts on a regular basis – either on the blog or in other design endeavors. These are all free for personal use. Enjoy! Field Notes in Windsor Hand // Glass Jars in High Fiber // Guide Books in Amatic //  Collect in Sketchetik // Sketch This in Sketch Serif // Post Script in A Lincoln Font //  Stamp in Old Rubber Stamp // Specimen & Labels in Regula Old Face *Psstt… the fonts on “myfont” are FREE. Just be sure you click the appropriate “buying” choice.*

iphone photography: turquoise & taupe at the beach

I’ve made the short trek down to our beach several times this past week. I had not seen the ocean in a month; thus, our reuniting was far past due. Evan and I have a couple special spots that we’ll actually drive to when its tourist season here in Rincon. Most folks are content with the well-known spots, like Steps [the beach near our home], Pools and Sandys. But we have a couple local spots that are not nearly as visited – we tend to retreat to these to pass the crowds. On Sunday, I made cucumber coolers [ cucumber, water, honey, salt and ice] and Evan and I spent some time basking in the sun, beach combing and enjoying each others undivided attention [which can be hard to come by during the week sometimes!]. Here are some instagram photos from our little excursion. I hope you’re all having wonderful weeks so far!Until tomorrow,

sustainable living: recycling unmentionables

Totally an odd idea, right? Have you ever thought to yourself, man I wish there was something I could do with this clean but old pair of undies ? I know I have! And it generally ends with, ugh there’s nothing I can do I guess I must toss ’em in the trash and forget about it. Don’t!! There are actually several different options to recycle or reuse those unmentionables. I’ve curated the top three options, so take a gander and figure out which one works best for you:1. Compost them! What’s that you say? That’s ridiculous? You’re right, it definitely sounds far fetched but seriously, consider this idea. Do you wear 100% cotton panties? Perhaps the ones with a lace waistband? Or maybe an elastic waistband? Just cut that part out and you’ve got a compostable material [ahem.. the cotton remaining]. Cut it into strips and toss into your compost barrel. Let the microbes do the rest.(Remember, not all materials are compostable, such as Lycra. If you are unsure, just do one of the …

guest post: Janee of Yellow Bird Yellow Beard

I’m happy to bring you a new guest blogger to the mix! If you haven’t read her blog already, head over to Yellow Bird Yellow Beard and meet Janee! She has a fantastic lifestyle blog with lots of wonderful material for that mid-day work break blog reading. Or in my case, the early morning blog reading routine prior to research and grad classes. I asked her to share a bit of her wintertime lore, to which she graciously agreed to indulge one of my favorite posts [I love the photography; she really captured the beauty of crisp evergreens and that soft, fluffy pure white snow]. Enjoy! Today I got to experience my first ever New England snow! I’m so excited. I’ve been praying for snow for weeks. Hehehe. I love snow! I love winter and cold and Christmas. The holiday’s are almost here! There’s not very much, obviously, but it’s still there! I can’t wait for more. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

favorites: rocks and minerals

  Do you remember what you wanted to be “when you grew up”? The very first thing you aimed for… vet? artist? geologist? Well, actually all three of those were things I dreamed of becoming [I decided on ichthyologist, obviously… a little different from the others hah]. But a geologist was one I was pretty set on for a while. When my family would travel, I would collect things. I particularly loved collecting rocks. Rocks with weird features, colors, patterns, textures [this even led to my discovery of a fossil, which I have displayed in my bedroom]. I remember collecting rough gems, panning for gold and silver in the mines of Colorado, and I even recently brought back some lovely smooth gray stones from California, with varied lines of brittle quartz cutting through the center. Love the above collection? Here’s some identification: Quartz Bullets // Opal // Amethyst //  Ametrine // Emerald // Rhodochrosite // Salmon Quartz // Aquamarine on Feldspar // Smoky Quartz // Pastel Agate // Smithsonite // Ajoite Have a beautiful weekend!