Month: December 2012

iphone photography: white christmas in east texas

This Christmas was my very very first White Christmas ever! In all the 24 years that I’ve lived/returned to Texas for Christmas, we’ve never had a White Christmas. It was actually pretty unexpected – in fact, the weather said our chance was rather unlikely. Then, at around 4:30 PM on Christmas Day the snow started falling in small flakes which quickly turned into big flakes. And the neatest part? It’s still here today, two days after Christmas! The temperature has barely gone above 26F, which is unusual for this part of Texas. My younger [bigger] brother and I were like 6 year olds, running around playing in the snow, throwing snow balls and trying to make a snowman. Rolling on the ground and sliding around. It’s been a blast, and one of the most amazing parts of this Christmas season. I’ll likely never see this occur again in this area (at least for another 30 years probably). Sophie loved the snow. She’s so adventurous, I wasn’t surprised. But her little doggie paws didn’t seem to …

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

The angel answered, “The Holy Spirit will come upon you, and the power of the Most High will overshadow you. So the holy one to be born will be called the Son of God. [Luke 1:35](Photo source unknown) Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of you! Today is a special day, as our Savior was born and became man, to live among the people and share the good news of God’s love. Whether you celebrate Christmas in this way or not, I wish you all the blessings of God be upon you and your families this season. I’m very blessed to spend this day surrounded by family and I’m thankful for God’s gift of Jesus Christ to spread joy and love around the world. Have a beautiful Christmas (and a white one if the weather be in your favor!). There’s a [unlikely] chance of snow here in east Texas, so my fingers are crossed for a bit of winter flurry! How will you be celebrating today?

DIY: roundup uno for your time off

Looking for something to occupy those days off from work? Try one of these fun DIYs! One: Fabric Chandelier from A Beautiful Mess Two: Bonjour Marquee sign from Oh Happy Day Three: Handmade Packaging Paper from Candi Mani Four: Natural Dyes from Free People Blog I know I’ll be making several trips to the craft store after Christmas time. I’m planning a couple DIYs for you, including pinecone garlands and bleach pen tights. I love wintertime, regardless of what Caribbean island I’m currently residing on hah!  Enjoy your last few days before Christmas!!!See you here next week!

menagerie: cold weather winter inspirations [100th post!]

Photos: One // Two // Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven I’m finally experiencing some cold weather here in east Texas. Last night, the wind blew down branches and leaves all over the yard. This morning, there was frost on the windows and the inside of our house was actually warmer than outdoors. My Sophie hasn’t wanted to spend too much time outside today – I think her new island life has taken hold haha. I’ve got Evan here for a couple more days, then he’s off to Florida for a few days and Christmas with his mother. I’ll stay here for a few more weeks, enjoying my brief time back in the motherland. How are you spending your days before Christmas? Stay warm, 

photography: texas morning

  It’s beautiful gray winter morning in east Texas. I thought I’d capture a bit and share some cold weather cheer of this great state with you. I love spending time back home with my family; it’s a constant reminder of the important things in life: family and love. I struggle with the fact that my career has taken me so far away from my homeland and family. Texas is where I was born and raised, out on these lands and with this small town community. It will always be home no matter where I finally plant my roots. This Christmas season, I encourage you to spend time with your families. Enjoy their company, listen to stories, grab those memories and take mental pictures. Wake up early and go outside. Watch the world awake around you. Have a beautiful day!

photography: caribbean rock art

Maybe you know this because you’ve viewed the “Design” tab of my blog, or maybe this is new to you, but I kinda sorta do a little bit of art. Just some dabbling, I cannot claim to be an artist, but I am an artistic soul. I love to work with my hands: sketching, painting, sewing, landscaping…. you name it. I also really love creating custom pieces. It delights me to bring your vision to life. One piece of art that I offer in my shop (and sell here in Rincon at little festivals throughout the year) are Caribbean map rocks. Essentially, I find the perfectly smoothed ocean stones, paint them various shades and then sketch a map of the Caribbean. I like to give them a particular vintage map look, so I rough the edges of the islands with charcoal pencil, smudging them a bit as though a treasure map was unearthed. I love making these. Probably because my spirit longs to travel, and I have yet to visit all the islands of this …

snapshots: away we go to west texas

I’m not sure what made me think of sharing this during the holiday season. I believe it started with me wondering if I’d see some snow this Christmas back home… and then thinking, well… Amarillo gets snow every now and then, perhaps east Texas will get it too. Nah, pretty unlikely, but nonetheless, I’m counting down the days to take that flight home to family. Okay, so these photos are from the flat panhandle town of Conrad, Texas. Right off the interstate and home to a hidden gem of metal mash-up, the VW Ranch. Evan and I stopped here on our way back to my home in east Texas from our two-week summer roadtrip out west. We actually found this completely by accident when we missed our turn off to start heading down to Dallas-area. I’m glad we got lost, otherwise we would have missed this amazing artistic spectacle, fashioned after the popular and touristy Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo. If you’re headed east on I-40, watch out for this little stop and don’t blink or …

holiday season: Christmas on the island

I got an early start on the Christmas cards this season. I’ve began this trend since I’ve lived in tropical places for the past 6 years – I always try to find some beach/ocean themed Christmas cards. I feel like they add a personal touch and usually my friends and family don’t receive anything else like them. So when I spotted these petite starfish Christmas cards, I knew these were the ones. So I’ve started my addressing and my little messages, all soon to be shipped out with that Puerto Rican postal stamp to make their way across the Caribbean, Atlantic AND Pacific to my friends and family. And just because I’m already in the spirit, I wandered around Pinterest today and spotted some fun beachy Christmas decor. I don’t usually decorate because I don’t end up spending Christmas here, but these all look fun and easy! Maybe next year… Beachy Christmas Card // Chalkboard Christmas Greetings //  Seashell Christmas Card Mobile // Nautical Christmas Lights // Sea Urchin Ornaments //  Starfish Mini Tree Do …

culinary: winter foods

When I think of cooking or baking in the winter, several ingredients come to mind: cloves, hazelnuts, cornmeal and dark chocolate. Since I never experience winter in the usual sense here in Puerto Rico, it can be difficult to actually nab that winter-time food flavor in my cooking and baking. A couple nights back, I cooked with cardamom and cloves for an Indian biryani dish. Last week, I had a delicious marinated pork loin with some friends, while we dined on their balcony overlooking the Caribbean. But that’s not quite my idea of winter-time I’ve gathered some for you (and me) to try this season.  ONE: Chris Court‘s photography is always alluring. I love to breeze through this food images. Maybe one day I can learn to capture food as a art in the way he does. [Here’s my attempt]. TWO: I love the off-white/cream color of this wedding cake. For brides with fall/winter weddings, this would be so beautiful. It’s almost too pretty to eat (but I love cake, so I’d eat it..). …