Month: November 2012

DIY: mason jar sewing kit

I love this DIY idea because it doubles as a fun and creative gift – especially for that daughter (or son) heading off to college, or the mom who just can’t seem to remember where her needle and thread are, or even yourself… just because its cute and everyone needs this in their DIY armory. Thanks to the crafty ladies at Free People, here’s another awesome and simple DIY: The first part is to create that poofy lid to hold all your pins. See their steps here. You’ll need some cotton filling and a piece of fabric. Once you’ve completed the lid, then its time to add your supplies! Get creative with this part, especially if you’re planning to gift this DIY. What would you want in your kit? Colorful threads? Baubles and buttons galore? Then be sure to include some basics like neutral toned thread, a variety of needles and pins, a tape measure and a small pair of scissors. I never use a thimble, but that’s also a great idea and definitely for …

culinary: a savory & sweet tale

Today, I want to share two delicious scone recipes that I found on Etsy about a year ago. I recently made both of them for a ladies breakfast gathering at my church here in Rincon, and they were just the biggest hit!! Everyone wanted the recipes; they were delighted over the mix of savory and sweet. A perfect combination indeed! So thanks to some clever chefs at Savory Sweet Life and The Year in Food, I’d like to present your next breakfast/dessert/partytime hit! I’ll start with Alice’s tomato feta scone (photos from Etsy, copyright of Savory Sweet Life). Here are the basic ingredients + my little unique substitution. Roasted Tomato Pepper & Feta SconesMakes 8 scones Ingredients:2 cups all-purpose flour1 tablespoon baking powder1/2 teaspoon garlic salt4 Tbsp cold unsalted butter, cut into cubes3/4 cup heavy cream1 egg slightly beaten1 – 4 oz package feta cheese1/2 cup roasted red tomatoes, chopped of canned red bell pepper, diced 2 green onions, finely sliced (I substituted red bell pepper for the roasted tomato because I think it gives …

menagerie: winter sea

[Photos: One // Two // Three // Four ] Have you ever seen the ocean in the winter? Perhaps you live on the Pacific, so the grays and navies of the wintertime sea is no new sight for your eyes. One year, I visited Rhode Island during November. I went out to the northeastern Atlantic and was shocked at the chill and breeze coming off the water. I was living in Florida at the time, so I had never really experienced cold wintertime water before. But this past summer when I traveled to the Pacific Northwest, I discovered what cold water truly means. Although I didn’t get any part of my body in the ocean, it was the first time I was wrapped in scarfs, jacket, long pants and closed toes shoes while walking the beach. But still, there is something majestic and alluring about the ocean in the winter…. Do you perhaps know what it is?

favorites: quirky etsy gifts

  For those silly folks on your list that are hard to buy for, here’s some of my favorites that are kind of funky and quirky. I particularly love the idea of “seed bombs” – talk about easy, hands off gardening! Perfect for those folks that love wildflowers, but suck at keeping anything alive. Or that seaweed tassel garland? I’m crafty but I don’t think I could make something like this come out as lovely and neat – this would be awesome for parties. Check out the sources: Seaweed Tassel Garland // Deer Burlap Pillow // Seed Bombs // Chalkboard Skull  I hope you’ve entered the giveaway! If not, it’s the post right below this one so check it out! Good luck and see you here tomorrow. Happy shopping!

giveaway: A Little Bit of Everything

Alright, so you’ve been hearing about this awesome giveaway for about a month now. I bet you’re just as excited to find out more as I am to unveil it! Well here ya go! It’s “a little bit of everything” to treat yourself during this holiday season. I know we spend so much time shopping for others because we all know its better to give than to receive. So, I’d like to give you some of my favorite things to say thanks for being a reader (new and old) and to allow you to treat yourself to a special little holiday surprise! So keep reading to find out how to enter! Each item was purchased by me; all items are brand new! The retail value is over $80 !!! What a sweet gift, right??  Here is what’s included in the package: I chose each item for one of several reasons: sustainable quality, natural beauty, usefulness and healthy living. The pass holder is indeed Dooney & Bourke. This giveaway is open to international readers as well! …

photography: style me pretty’s pie toppers

When I found this on Style Me Pretty, I just had to share it for your future reference, and my own. In case you’re a last minute Thanksgiving baker, then here’s a guide for topping that homemade pie with an artistic touch! Or if you’re the plan-ahead, I’m-already-done-with-my-baking-by-10:00AM type, then kudos to you for that head start and log this away for the next big pie-worthy occasion (after all, Christmas is only about a month away). Oh, you’re the last minute type? Well good, you’re just in time! Here’s Style Me Pretty’s Guide to Thanksgiving and below you’ll find the delectably decorated pies. How could you not have fun while baking these? So get to work on that holiday piece of food art! Everyone will love it.  I’m in San Juan today, enjoying the beauty of the old town and spending Thanksgiving with some friends. I hope that you enjoy your day! I’ll see you back here on Monday for the awesome-blow-your-mind giveaway!!!! You don’t want to miss this one!  Until Monday, 

menagerie: well worn & adorned interiors

Lately I’ve been enamored with interior design. I’m rather tired of renting and I’m eager to finally own a home that I can do whatever I please with (sans Evan’s input because honestly he doesn’t care much about the inside of a house.. he’d rather us live on a boat. basically, its MY painters palette then). Any time I come across a beautiful image of a seemly cluttered, yet charismatic and original home, I snatch it up and log it away with my other interior inspirations (like Sibella’s home styling that I posted about earlier). I have quite a collection of magazine clippings, bookmarked websites, a few design books and tons of online inspiration via Pinterest and We Heart It. I’ve noticed that among this collection, there’s always certain elements that I seem drawn too… particularly the look of a well-loved home. So I’ve thrown together a little piece of what makes that possible. Now, obviously this is not ALL that makes a well-loved home appear cozy, comfy and inviting. But perhaps it helps tie …

culinary: fall sangria + color palette

 I’m starting off the week with a delicious fall sangria recipe and a beautiful rich color palette. Evan and I love to make sangria because its simple and long-lasting. This basic recipe above is one we particularly enjoy (the more fruit, the better!). Just combine all these ingredients and allow to chill for a couple hours in the fridge (all your heavenly flavors will combine nicely). When ready to serve, fill a wine glass with ice and half/half with sangria and club soda. One hint from us, don’t add the club soda (or Sprite, or Ginger Ale) to the sangria until ready to serve! This will prevent those bubblies from going flat before you’re ready to enjoy it. A perfect drink for fall, with just the right colors! [ I know these likely will not be in season for you in the States or abroad, but we garnish with starfruit].  Have a beautiful Monday!!!  Get excited about the biggest giveaway on the blog so far, coming a week from today! Hint: there’s Dooney & Bourke …

freebie: iPhone wallpapers part one

        Here’s a little freebie for you today! Two free wallpapers for the iPhone4. I made these in Photoshop and I can’t wait to release others to you later! It’s been a blast learning how to create these simple papers to spice up your phone. So here’s my first attempt, just for you! To download, simply  click the image and it will open my Photobucket library of iPhone Wallpapers. From there you can download or share the link however you’d like. Enjoy! Have a beautiful weekend!

photography: Pure Green Magazine

I want to take a moment today and introduce you to another one of my favorite small print publications. Enter Pure Green Magazine, a Canadian print devoted to stylish green living. Dare I say, a magazine tailored to perhaps many of our desired lifestyles and surely that of this blog! I first discovered it last year, but never held a luscious hard copy of supple thick paper drenched in beautiful photography and delicate text until a few months ago. Let me share: This magazine is hands down one of the most inspiring natural + green living prints I’ve ever encountered. Interested in backyard homesteading? Pure Green featured the basics of beekeeping in their Volume 2: Urban Farms. Need an all-natural recipe for a brunch or dinner? That’s covered in the print, as well as their website. Do you just want a beautiful way to discover what living green could mean in your own life? Well, look no further. Check out Pure Green online, subscribe or even order single copies directly from them. They’ll arrive nicely …