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photography: sibella court home styling

I have a hidden knack for interior design. In every house I’ve rented, I go the extra mile to make it feel like home: fresh paint on the walls; coordinating GoodWill furniture finds into bright, clean new pieces; but most importantly, utilizing all the things I have/collect into how I decorate my new place. That’s the mantra of Sibella Court’s two home styling books, Etcetera and Nomad. These are my bibles of interior design. Let me show you why:

Photography is by her talented brother, Chris Court (I plan to feature him here, so don’t worry, you’ll see lots more of his work!). But don’t you just love her sense of style? It’s so carefree and natural. Just simply use the items you cherish the most to create your own shangri-la. Her style is my inspiration – it’s design unleashed and I love it. These are my move-everywhere-with-me books. The photos are beautiful, the books are thick and have a unique texture (however, they aren’t leather-bound on mahogany shelves… I hope someone gets that reference).

Here’s an example of how I created something, using her styling as a reference:

Her wooden headboard version (above) My version, with found driftwood here in PR. Designed by me, and Evan assisted with assembly.  
We made this shortly after moving here. The first tropical storm of the season brought in a large driftwood tree. We hauled it back from the beach to our house, and its now used as the two main posts you see on the right and left. All the other pieces were an accumulation of finds at the various beaches in Rincon. I had a particular style in mind, so I focused on finding just the right pieces of wood. I think it turned out pretty awesome, actually 🙂 We’ve had a TON of requests to make additional pieces for sale. We love the idea, but don’t really have the time (right now, anyways. We might start it up eventually). From first collection to final product, this took about 3 to 4 months! Whew! But the owners of vacation rentals are interested, and it could mean a decent bit of pocket change for us, so we’ll consider it. Eventually.

Anyways, to see more of Sibella, you can check out her shop, The Society Inc. located in Australia. To see more of her brother’s photography, visit Chris’ website here
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Chelsea is a marine scientist in Puerto Rico. Her interests include invasive species ecology, fish biology and ecology and marine protected area management. She is a co-founder of the only field course coordination company in Puerto Rico - Isla Mar Research Expeditions.

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